Be an Action Jackson

Be an Action Jackson

Could you tell me right now exactly what you will be doing for the remainder of the week?  Some of you will give me a resounding yes. Others will say no, I don’t work like that Alycia; I’m too creative or I go with the flow.

How’s that working for you? Have you achieved all your goals up until now? Have you made progress on those fab ideas you’ve had? Your business is growing purposefully? No? I thought so. Being fluid and in the moment is just not going to push you – or your business – forward purposefully, regardless of how spiritual and connected to source you are.

You must take action to make things happen. Are you doing the same things week after week hoping for some changes to occur? Nothing will happen unless you do something about it. I wrote a post for Dynamic Business this past week outlining 9 steps to streamlining your week; a simple and effective way to make changes and get stuff done. It really is that simple; you just need to make the decision.

It is important to note we can all to and fro about our business, questioning ourselves and wondering have I got my message right? Will my community want something like this? Who am I, what am I doing here? You know those continual doubts we all have. I’ve been there too, and I know exactly how you feel.

At the end of this month I’m launching a program that has been on the burner for quite some time. And, yes, I had a little push from someone to make it happen, but now nothing will stop me. I will still have those doubts, but they will not get the better of me.

Only YOU can decide those questioning thoughts are not YOU, just the fears and doubts that spring up when you consider stepping out of your comfort zone. They are just thoughts; they’re not real. Actions are real. I made the decision to ACT and now the program has momentum and it’s happening.

Stop wondering about stuff and just put it out there. We all change and evolve and if your plan doesn’t work, at least you know (instead of still wondering) and you can move on to the next thing.

Take action; don’t leave yourself wondering about what if. Keep yourself wondering about what’s next?.

And if you can’t seem to take action by yourself find someone to help you, keep you accountable and kick you up the butt when you need it!

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  1. LOVE this post!  It’s forever timely.  I use to define, measure and be accountable for key actions throughout my week.  Let me know what you think (it’s free).  Again, great post!

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