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How to Find an Extra 2 hours per Day


It’s well documented that one of the philosophies of highly successful people is an early start to their day.  Successful people are members of what is known as the 5am club, rising and achieving more before most of us have even opened our eyes at around 7am. They get more done each and everyday, have time to work on their ... Read More »

Fear busted!!!


Technology can be daunting sometimes, and so can the thought of being on camera! For such a long time I have wanted to get over my fear of being on camera.  And yesterday I had the perfect opportunity.  I was part of a public Google Hangout with Marc Lehmann of Saasu. It was an absolute hoot! I was lucky as ... Read More »

9 ways to be more productive right now!


This  post was first published on She Owns It Being productive in business is one of the key drivers to being more profitable. We would all like to be more efficient with our time, but often it’s little things that, when you put them together, can have a dramatic impact on your productivity. Try these productivity hits: Focus – turn ... Read More »

If I started over….


I’ve been in business for a while - I’ve bought and sold a surf shop, started an accountancy business and launched a series of products and services that have assisted many business owners navigate the sometimes rocky world of business ownership. But if I started over what would I do differently? Read More »

Twitter, Podcasts and Relationships


I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Suzi Dafnis and Cat Matson for the Australian Business Women’s Network Social Media Podcast. I chatted with them about how social media for me was about developing relationships with people, engaging with them. I also touched on how I repurpose my content to share online and the systems I use to do ... Read More »

These business owners need not apply…


We have an ideal client profile and one of the chief characteristics of that profile is that the client is focused on making a profit. Yes, making a profit. It seems like a no-brainer right? But it’s not always so. You see, there are business owners who are focused on profit, and there are those that are focused on not ... Read More »

Every Single Day


We get stomped on all the time and it takes a lot of courage and effort to get back up. Something goes wrong in your business, with your family or with you. How you react to the challenges in your life on a daily basis determines your life's journey. Read More »

Victoria’s Secret, not so secret anymore!


Another delight from my trip to New York was the opportunity to visit Victoria's Secret. Yes, the lingerie shop. Before this visit my impressions of Victoria's Secret were that only glamorous models wore the brand. I was curious about what the store would look like and how accessible it really was to the average woman, ie, me. Read More »