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Your Financial Plan doesn’t have to be painful


The mere mention of a financial plan can send business owners into a tailspin. It doesn’t have to be this way, it can be as simplistic or as complicated as you make it. A financial plan will help you determine what revenues you can, will and/or need to achieve based on the expenses you will incur. They can be in ... Read More »

Networking for your dinner


Carrie Wilkinson the barefoot executive delivered some great content in a networking teleseminar a few weeks ago. What stuck in my mind were her suggested questions to ask when meeting new people. These questions were: What are you excited about for your business in 2010? What does your ideal client look like? Read More »

Planning as simple as three words?


There are many things you should plan, but what should you plan for your business? Planning comes in many forms, and combined can provide you with a blueprint to keep your business moving forward. I consider there to be a few areas within your business that can benefit greatly from planning including a financial plan, marketing plan and a resources plan. Read More »

Ali Brown’s 11 Low cost to no cost marketing and business strategies for 2010


The learning journey continues. Someone I have been following for quite some time and purchased products from is Ali Brown. She does loads of information packed free teleseminars promoting her next product or event. This is very much the norm these days and as such does not bother me at all. What I love is the great content being delivered. This call "Your 11 Best No-Cost to Low-Cost Marketing & Business Strategies for 2010!" included Lorrie Morgan-Forrero and was no exception. I’m sharing the content that I noted as important from the call. Read More »

A new year and renewed focus


I’ve studied time management and productivity in quite a bit of depth. The common thread is planning and focus. You can’t possibly focus on your 'important tasks' if you have not thought about what they are and planned to work them into your day. Read More »

Mapping your money Alexis Neely style


I listened to a free call given by Alexis Neely and Dave Dee about creating your own money map for your business and life. In my opinion it was an awesome call. For me at least it has brought together the steps into a logical format that explains why each step relies on the other. And for a free call it gave loads of useful info (as you can see by the length of this post!) Read More »

Change the meaning of your Cost of Sales


Another item that can be imperative to your success in business is your cost of sales (COS). So can this figure be improved upon? Absolutely, you just need to work with what you have. Your business type will influence which approach you take for this component of the profit and loss. Cost of sales for retailers with products Let's assume that your cost of sales is normally 50%, 60% or 70% of sales. How can you improve this? A few examples come to mind: Read More »

Need your financial numbers to improve, it’s all about attitude


So, numbers are a fairly concrete thing, right? They are black and white. What if I told you I don’t believe that? Numbers can change so easily - for worse or for better. Some you feel in control of and others you don’t. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel in control of your numbers? But how do you GET in control you say? Well, it’s all about attitude. Read More »

Understanding Your Balance Sheet


The balance sheet is a complete snapshot of your business’s wealth. In simple terms, it works on the accounting principles of assets less liabilities = owners equity. But what we will do is explore the balance sheet’s components to understand it better. Read More »

What does my Accountant do, really?


So what do Accountants do and why do you need others like bookkeepers?  Well there are a few types of Accountants and the definition of bookkeepers can be wide and varied, but who do you need to help you with your business? Tax Accountant (definitely need one) will assist with: Business setup Taxation compliance Just about anything tax related A ... Read More »