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Understanding Your Numbers


So how do we interpret the reports we suggested last time? The easiest way to understand reports is to understand the different components that make them up. Let’s start with the profit and loss report:Revenue If you run a service-based business, you provide services to clients and the income that is generated is revenue. If you’re a product-based business such ... Read More »

Are you having a money huddle?


Now you have your business paperwork all sorted and you have a regular maintenance process each week to keep on top of it, it’s time to review your results and see what’s working and what isn’t.So where do you start? Well, as long as your business information has been reconciled (checked) you can start to look at your numbers – ... Read More »

Social Media Networker


I took the plunge and created a facebook and twitter account.  Have I actually posted anything yet? Well not exactly.  Maybe one tweet just now but I have been hovering and trying to figure out what to do, how to do it and what my strategy is?  Because according to all the experts you must have a strategy. So what ... Read More »

What not to do?


An article I read this week about a “what NOT to do list” raised an interesting question. Do we hold onto tasks that we don’t in fact need to do anymore? Sometimes we can develop such a routine about our tasks that we could in fact be doing some tasks out of habit rather than necessity. Read More »

Your numbers need maintenance


Once you've cleaned up your act and have your business numbers organised, you need a method of keeping it organised ALL OF THE TIME. In other words, 'maintenance'. Just like you go on a maintenance program after losing weight in order to keep the weight off, so you need a maintenance program to keep your numbers organised. Read More »

Rich small business resources


I attended a coffee morning with members of the Surf Coast Business network this week and after meeting some new people I happened to mention some Internet resources that I look at quite regularly. To my surprise they hadn't heard of any of them. So I decided to create a list of my best Internet resources for various information. Read More »

Social Networking vs Google


As a subscriber to I read an article about google and social media, at Read More »