These business owners need not apply…

These business owners need not apply…

We have an ideal client profile and one of the chief characteristics of that profile is that the client is focused on making a profit. Yes, making a profit. It seems like a no-brainer right?

But it’s not always so. You see, there are business owners who are focused on profit, and there are those that are focused on not paying tax. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for paying minimal tax (within tax laws), but I leave that up to the tax accountants (I’ll be honest, tax bores me to tears!).

And sometimes these business owners are in denial that their focus is on tax minimisation.  But I can smell it; even through the phone on first initial contact, and politely refer elsewhere. But here’s my recent realisation: I’ve got the perfect match for these business owners. And it’s a match made in heaven. Let me explain.

I’ve written before about the difference between a service provider that cares about your business and those that don’t, but now I want to get more specific.

Accountants fall into two categories in my opinion – those who care about your business, and those who care about making money. Now, I classify myself as someone who cares, because ultimately I want your business to succeed, grow and prosper. My best day when I know I have helped my clients reach their goals in their business. I live for those highs!  Now, as I’m not a tax accountant I don’t wish to assist clients with tax, but I do love to work with their tax accountants to ensure they are getting the support they require.

And those who care solely about making money, and don’t care about a client’s business, will help their client, but it’s always about them. What I mean here is it’s about them being the expert and providing advice based on what they know about the business as an outsider, rather than getting a real understanding for what is really going on in the business. These accountants rely solely on the numbers and, yes, the numbers don’t lie, but that is just a part of the story. Every business has a huge story behind its numbers, and most accountants don’t care to find out. But ask them about billing their clients and they are right on it!

So those business owners who are focused solely on not paying tax are the perfect match for the non-caring tax accountants, because, like the business owner, the tax accountants don’t care about the business; they care about money and show that by helping their clients minimise tax. As these business owners are not focused on making a profit we can’t help them at all.

If you’re interested in making higher profits in your business you can apply here, but if you’re just interested in minimising tax you don’t need us. You can go and find your perfect match in the non-caring tax accountant. I’m happy to refer you if you want.

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