Business Growth

If I started over….


I’ve been in business for a while - I’ve bought and sold a surf shop, started an accountancy business and launched a series of products and services that have assisted many business owners navigate the sometimes rocky world of business ownership. But if I started over what would I do differently? Read More »

Twitter, Podcasts and Relationships


I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Suzi Dafnis and Cat Matson for the Australian Business Women’s Network Social Media Podcast. I chatted with them about how social media for me was about developing relationships with people, engaging with them. I also touched on how I repurpose my content to share online and the systems I use to do ... Read More »

These business owners need not apply…


We have an ideal client profile and one of the chief characteristics of that profile is that the client is focused on making a profit. Yes, making a profit. It seems like a no-brainer right? But it’s not always so. You see, there are business owners who are focused on profit, and there are those that are focused on not ... Read More »

Every Single Day


We get stomped on all the time and it takes a lot of courage and effort to get back up. Something goes wrong in your business, with your family or with you. How you react to the challenges in your life on a daily basis determines your life's journey. Read More »

Give Your Mind a Break, But Listen to that Voice of Reason


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog Sometimes you get in a headspace that is not healthy for your business. On the surface everything is okay; you’re getting the bare minimum done. But you’ve lost your enthusiasm, your drive to do more, to be better and grow. And if you stay in that mindset for too long, you can ... Read More »

Which 1 will you choose?


First Published on Dynamic Business Blog The number 1 can be so powerful; it’s really just a matter of how you look at. While small, it can make a fundamental difference in your business growth each and every day. Read More »

9 steps to streamlining your work week


First Published on Dynamic Business Blog Do you feel like the first seven months of this year have been a blur of busyness, but not much actually getting done? It can get like that, can’t it? Would you love to feel more in control of your workload and finally get to those projects that you’ve been attempting to work on for quite some time; those projects that will provide revenue-generating opportunities; and implement them, finally? Read More »

Are you avoiding your paperwork?


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog Have you buried your head in the sand when it comes to your business financials? Do you know where your money is being spent and how much money you have earned? Or do you simply get your books done (or not – shriek!) to get your BAS out of the way, pray that you don’t owe any money and get back to being busy? Are you afraid of knowing exactly how your business is going? I love that saying “feel the fear and do it anyway”, because at least if you do know the hard facts, you’ll be able to make changes. And you never know, your business might be doing better than you thought! Read More »

What You Should Look For In A Bookkeeper – It’s Not Just About Skill Set!


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog Have you resolved to improve the management of your business this year? Perhaps you’ve realised that you can’t be responsible for everything? Bookkeeping is often one of the first tasks that business owners outsource. Unless you’re a bookkeeper, it’s most probably something that nags at the back of your head all the time, stopping you from focusing on what you do best. Read More »