Business Growth

Five Ways To Boost Your Sales


Are you wasting the opportunity of turning a prospect into a paying customer or client? For example, say in you’re in the service industry. What systems do you have in place to make sure you’re following up on leads that come your way? You can get so busy in the “doing” that this important step is left to chance. It’s like leaving money on the table for someone else to find. Put systems in place to make sure you are following up each lead in some way. Read More »

Grow Your Business Through Regular Review and Planning


There's no point spending time creating plans for these areas of your business if you’re not going to review their status. This is your reminder to review, but where to start? Start with your goals. What were your goals? How are they tracking? Perhaps you wanted to attract four new clients per month, launch a new product line or increase your average daily sale by $X amount. Whatever the goal, it must be tracked so that you can see its impact on the financials. Read More »

Are You "Present" In Your Business?


Do you have your mind on the job, so to speak? I'm not asking whether you worry about your business, we all do that. I'm asking whether you allow yourself to think, strategise, improve your business, allow it to grow through you? Read More »

Plan Your Resources For Success


How do you know when it’s time to hire more people or outsource tasks? That’s where your resources plan comes into action.For most start-ups, when you first begin business you have to wear many different hats. You are the sales person, chief marketer, bookkeeper and even the cleaner!Of course your hope is not to continue with all of these roles ... Read More »