These business owners need not apply…


We have an ideal client profile and one of the chief characteristics of that profile is that the client is focused on making a profit. Yes, making a profit. It seems like a no-brainer right? But it’s not always so. You see, there are business owners who are focused on profit, and there are those that are focused on not ... Read More »

Every Single Day


We get stomped on all the time and it takes a lot of courage and effort to get back up. Something goes wrong in your business, with your family or with you. How you react to the challenges in your life on a daily basis determines your life's journey. Read More »

Give Your Mind a Break, But Listen to that Voice of Reason


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog Sometimes you get in a headspace that is not healthy for your business. On the surface everything is okay; you’re getting the bare minimum done. But you’ve lost your enthusiasm, your drive to do more, to be better and grow. And if you stay in that mindset for too long, you can ... Read More »

Which 1 will you choose?


First Published on Dynamic Business Blog The number 1 can be so powerful; it’s really just a matter of how you look at. While small, it can make a fundamental difference in your business growth each and every day. Read More »

Give Up? Not a chance


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog I reached one of those tipping points in my business this week. You know the ones, where it all makes sense and sense of order prevails. How about you? Have you reached your tipping point yet? I know I am now in the next phase of my business. I have created big ... Read More »

Just do


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog Les McKeown author of “Predictable Success’ wrote the following as a blog post: Forget the word ‘better’. You’re already better. Read More »

What’s Next


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog A colleague recently commented that as great as I am at celebrating hitting milestones – or reaching goals – I always ask, “What’s next?” You see, I’m not willing to settle for the status quo – and nor should anyone. I don’t like to be in the comfortable zone for too long. For me, that means I’m not improving. Read More »

Are you a passion killer?


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog You should be. Yes, you read correctly. Passion has a lot to answer for in business. Everyone says you need to love what you do, be passionate about it and success will happen. Yes, it can, but, it can also kill a great business with too much kindness. Don’t get me wrong, I love passion; I’m very passionate about what I do. Read More »

Getting Naked


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog Business professionals who provide a service, like accountants, fall into two camps – those who care about you as a client and those who care about the money. That’s not to say you can’t care about both – of course a good business person must care about money – but it shouldn’t be the driving factor for why they work with you. Read More »

Your Email Inbox Contains a Wealth of Knowledge


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog If you dig deep into your multitude of email Inbox folders you will find a wealth of information that shouldn’t be hidden but should be shared with your team or clients. As a solo-preneur it’s quite easy to rely on your Inbox as the holy grail of much needed information. But as your business grows you often need to be able to share information with others in a more manageable way. Read More »