Thoughts of an Entrepreneur


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog You started a business because you found something you were passionate about and wanted to create something meaningful around that work. I’ve been thinking about what makes up the heart of a business a lot recently, and thought I could share my thoughts with you, both as a business owner and as someone who spends a lot of time turning businesses upside-down and inside-out to see into all the crevices, making tweaks here and there. Read More »

Climb that Summit


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog There’s a saying we all know and grew up with – “good things come to those that wait”. I’ve seen it. Good things do happen. But, seriously, it can be so frustrating while you’re waiting, yes? It can feel like an eternity. And this relates to that common misconception about successful businesses that are supposed ‘overnight success stories’. Yes, an overnight success that took 10 years! Read More »

Maintenance is the key to organised numbers


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog In order to keep on top of your business paperwork, you need a system for keeping it organised all of the time; a maintenance program. Maintenance must occur regularly, preferably weekly, regardless of who is doing it. Schedule a regular appointment with yourself (or your bookkeeper) to get it all sorted. Read More »

The Business of Busyness


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog How do you keep track of your projects and tasks? How do you get to the end of your day and make sure that you have accomplished your goals for the day? How do you make sure you haven’t been fluffing around being busy but not accomplishing anything? It’s so easy to get stuck in the business of busyness, doing those tasks that are ultimately not important. Read More »

What can you achieve in 90 days?


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog How’s business? Travelling along okay? Or are you busily focused on end of financial year, just trying to make it so you can start fresh again on July 1? Forget the End of Financial year guff going on; forget tax planning; and get back to what’s real – your business. Read More »

I don’t know enough.


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog You’ve said this before, right? I used to think the same. I spent a long time studying part time for my accountancy degree – started, but never completed an e-commerce masters and started, but never completed my CPA. I’m grateful now that I didn’t complete them; I don’t need them. Read More »

Kick start your budget


First published on the ABN Her Business Blog So it’s nearly end of financial year and you start to think, goodness I need to set a budget for next year. But, where to start? It’s quite easy really. The basic template you start with is your current year results. Simply, run a current year profit and loss by month report, export to Excel and you have the beginnings of a new relationship with a budget. Read More »

Is your right hand talking to your left?


I love systems, and continually implement them for clients and myself. I see systems in process all the time - some are great, some not so great. Implementing systems is fabulous, but some just stop there. There is so much more that can be done for continuous improvement. Let's see where your systems could work better together: Read More »

Be an Action Jackson


Could you tell me right now exactly what you will be doing for the remainder of the week? Some of you will give me a resounding yes. Others will say no, I don’t work like that Alycia; I’m too creative or I go with the flow. How's that working for you? Have you achieved all your goals up until now? Have you made progress on those fab ideas you've had? Your business is growing purposefully? No? I thought so. Being fluid and in the moment is just not going to push you - or your business - forward purposefully, regardless of how spiritual and connected to source you are. Read More »