Are you lacking inspiration or enthusiasm for your business right now?


Are you lacking inspiration or enthusiasm for your business right now? It happens. Sometimes it can all feel like such a drudge that you wonder why you're in business! It’s totally normal. Some will say this feeling is leading to a breakdown of sorts, and once this occurs you can look forward to the breakthrough. I tend to believe this. Often running a business can become a drudge when we are totally overwhelmed, have too much to do and no one to help. It's like a spiraling effect; there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel. Read More »

Have you lost your loops?


Have you lost your loops? I’m a fan of the GTD (Getting Things Done) system; not a fanatic, but someone who sees the benefits of incorporating such a system into my life. Although, I will add if I was fanatical I probably wouldn't get overwhelmed like I do occasionally. If you’ve not heard of GTD, what rock have you been under? Seriously David Allen and his Getting Things Done system has been around for some time, and has an almost cult-like following. Try Googling GTD and you'll see what I mean. Read More »

Systems break


So last week I took a break from my business appointments. And I really mean a break - I made sure nothing was scheduled and I concentrated solely on the systems in my business. Yes there were still calls to answer, but I took myself away from my desk and set up either on my kitchen table or my local cafe, whichever took my fancy. My goals for my "systems break" were to get a better handle on our new project management system and revisit some processes in the business. Read More »

Check In


So it's the middle of February. How's your year progressing so far? 12% of 2011 has passed already. Yes, 12%! Time literally flies by without taking any notice of what we are doing - it does not pause for us, it consistently ticks by minute after minute. So what have you been doing with those minutes? If you've wasted 12% of the year already, what can you do to make sure the remaining 88% is concentrated on business growth? Read More »

Get your momentum started


Have you noticed that the momentum you have when start your week, your year or even your day has a big impact on the results you achieve? It’s momentum - the impelling force or strength - that gets things happening. The fabulous thing about momentum is that once it starts rolling, its takes a lot to stop it. But the trick is to get that momentum started in the first place. Read More »

Work at your best time


Are you a morning or evening person? We tend to be one or the other and in fact I’ve found that it can change during different stages of life. Some of us start out being night owls and then as we get older we find ourselves naturally getting up earlier. Read More »

Delegate and save precious time


The word “delegation” rolls off the tongue so easily but can be so difficult for many of us to do. However, one thing remains true, highly successful business people did not get there alone. We humans are limited in our capabilities and only have so much time available to us. We need sleep, food and rest to function properly. Outsourcing is the answer, but outsourcing will only work if you can delegate effectively. Read More »

Grow your business the smart way


When I first started my business, things started out well. I was happy to keep the business relatively small when my children were younger. Later on, I decided to grow my business so I put my foot on the gas pedal.  That's when my problems started! Read More »

New teleseminar course starting Weds 17 November


Are you a solo entrepreneur who wants to grow your business but it's "just you" and you're maxed out? You're probably struggling to get things done and crazy busy just keeping up with your clients/customers. You're running around in circles trying to wear all the different hats necessary to keep your business ticking over. You're starting to feel that your business is taking over your life rather than providing the lifestyle you wanted. You're feeling constantly stressed and have a niggling feeling that things may be starting to fall through the cracks. Read More »