Outsource and grow your business


When you start your business you have grand plans. More often than not, you went into business to make the most of your particular area of expertise to offer services or sell a product. As soon as you make the decision to take the plunge, it’s “just you” and you end up doing everything. *Sigh*… that’s not much fun when you have to be the admin person, bookkeeper, receptionist, cleaner, customer service officer etc! That’s on top of actually providing the service or producing the product and marketing it. It all sounds awfully tiring to me, and guess what, it is! Read More »

The powerful little word "no"


That powerful little word "no", so hard to say but oh so effective. If you're a parent, you'll know that it's often the most common word that you use, as you attempt to teach your children the boundaries of life. This little word can be difficult, as we love our children and want to provide for them. As they slowly become adults, a new respect develops for this tiny word and how difficult it can be to say out loud when needed. Read More »

Become more efficient in your business – Part Two

Outsourcing As the owner and driver of your business, you must ensure that you spend your precious time on revenue-generating tasks. This could be client work or tasks that go towards developing revenue generating products and services. If you take a look at your to-do list for today, I’m pretty sure you’ll find tasks listed that are not worth spending ... Read More »

Become more efficient in your business

Batching This is a very important but often underutilized concept.  Batching can literally save you time and money.  Batching involves putting similar tasks or location based tasks together to make more efficient use of your time.  This could be back to back phone call meetings (thus the location is at home on your phone), back to back client appointments (thus ... Read More »

What Should You Be Accountable For In Your Business?


There are certain tasks that as a business owner, you should delegate. Bookwork is one of them – I highly recommend that you have a bookkeeper to take care of your bookwork. This could include:• Processing of invoices for both suppliers and customers • Processing of payments for both suppliers and customers • Processing of payroll • Reconciliations • ReportingDoes ... Read More »