Don’t just speak and run


We all think the reason we should attend conferences is to enhance our learning, along with a little bit of networking thrown in. I agree this is a great reason, but perhaps we can be more strategic about it. Perhaps we could attend conferences solely for the networking opportunities they offer? On the weekend I saw mums from all over Australia converge on the AusMumpreneurs Conference in Sydney. They were there to learn, and learn they did, but the real magic was in the relationships being formed; the matchmaking of individuals who should know each other and the business being done in the corridor. And unless you are there, you don't experience it. Read More »

As a solopreneur does your business ever shut down?


How do you manage if you need to go away for business, or even a holiday? Is your business set up so that it can run without you, or do all your communication points go unanswered? We use so many communication channels these days that it is not just a matter of putting a message on the answering machine and ... Read More »

How To Achieve Your Goals With A Marketing Plan


A marketing plan is vital to achieving your financial objectives. Say for example that you want to increase your sales by 10%, how are you actually going to achieve this? By increasing the number of units sold, market share, new programs or services, or improving customer awareness? You need to devise a plan to achieve your goals, based on your ... Read More »

Networking for your dinner


Carrie Wilkinson the barefoot executive delivered some great content in a networking teleseminar a few weeks ago. What stuck in my mind were her suggested questions to ask when meeting new people. These questions were: What are you excited about for your business in 2010? What does your ideal client look like? Read More »

Planning as simple as three words?


There are many things you should plan, but what should you plan for your business? Planning comes in many forms, and combined can provide you with a blueprint to keep your business moving forward. I consider there to be a few areas within your business that can benefit greatly from planning including a financial plan, marketing plan and a resources plan. Read More »

Ali Brown’s 11 Low cost to no cost marketing and business strategies for 2010


The learning journey continues. Someone I have been following for quite some time and purchased products from is Ali Brown. She does loads of information packed free teleseminars promoting her next product or event. This is very much the norm these days and as such does not bother me at all. What I love is the great content being delivered. This call "Your 11 Best No-Cost to Low-Cost Marketing & Business Strategies for 2010!" included Lorrie Morgan-Forrero and was no exception. I’m sharing the content that I noted as important from the call. Read More »

A new year and renewed focus


I’ve studied time management and productivity in quite a bit of depth. The common thread is planning and focus. You can’t possibly focus on your 'important tasks' if you have not thought about what they are and planned to work them into your day. Read More »

Mapping your money Alexis Neely style


I listened to a free call given by Alexis Neely and Dave Dee about creating your own money map for your business and life. In my opinion it was an awesome call. For me at least it has brought together the steps into a logical format that explains why each step relies on the other. And for a free call it gave loads of useful info (as you can see by the length of this post!) Read More »

What does my Accountant do, really?


So what do Accountants do and why do you need others like bookkeepers?  Well there are a few types of Accountants and the definition of bookkeepers can be wide and varied, but who do you need to help you with your business? Tax Accountant (definitely need one) will assist with: Business setup Taxation compliance Just about anything tax related A ... Read More »

Social Media Networker


I took the plunge and created a facebook and twitter account.  Have I actually posted anything yet? Well not exactly.  Maybe one tweet just now but I have been hovering and trying to figure out what to do, how to do it and what my strategy is?  Because according to all the experts you must have a strategy. So what ... Read More »