Climb that Summit

Climb that Summit

First published on the ABN Her Business Blog

There’s a saying we all know and grew up with – “good things come to those that wait”. I’ve seen it. Good things do happen.

But, seriously, it can be so frustrating while you’re waiting, yes? It can feel like an eternity. And this relates to that common misconception about successful businesses that are supposed ‘overnight success stories’. Yes, an overnight success that took 10 years!

How on earth are you supposed to cope with the roller coaster that is business while you’re *waiting* for the good things to come? (Note: we all know we’re not waiting around, we’re working our butts off!)

Keep at the little things…. and repeat….. and repeat.

You see, all those little things add up to sum of the whole. The big picture. And when they finally fall into alignment, boy will you notice. Those big things fall into place. Opportunities appear. It feels like the universe is listening – and delivering in spades.

Enjoy the smooth ride and controlled breathing because, unfortunately, its only temporary. Whaaat! Yes temporary.

Business, as in life, runs in stages.

That blissful state when everything is falling into place beautifully; that is the top of the summit. You had a super-hard climb to get up there – fell backwards sometimes – but clawed your way to that summit, where it’s flat. Life is good.

But us humans are a funny lot, at least the ones I know. We absolutely love the top of the summit once we get there, and bask in the glory of it until, of course, the boredom kicks in. There must be more to it, surely. I can do better than this, can’t I? And this is when it happens; we embark on another summit. We start new things. At the beginning, we’re not quite sure how they fit into the whole, so the roller coaster begins again.

But don’t be sad. Just think, once you navigate to this next summit, the universe will align again. And don’t give up; that pesky universe is always listening and delivering, but until it’s all aligned its hard for us to see that.

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