I don’t know enough.

I don’t know enough.

First published on the ABN Her Business Blog

You’ve said this before, right? I used to think the same.

I spent a long time studying part time for my accountancy degree – started, but never completed an e-commerce masters and started, but never completed my CPA. I’m grateful now that I didn’t complete them; I don’t need them.

You can waste so much time becoming the master in your field with pieces of paper when, through experience, you probably already are. So many skills you use in business aren’t learned from a degree or textbook; it’s the nuts and bolts, get your hands dirty type stuff that you learn from. Each lesson is added to the previous lessons and eventually your knowledge base is sufficient that YOU have the answer to your problems and your clients’ problems; you don’t need another qualification to know it.

You are good enough. Let me say that again, just in case it didn’t sink in. You are good enough. You have a lot to offer. You are unique. Not one person can be the same as another, even if their professions/skills are the same. The knowledge base that you build on is different to everyone else. You interpret lessons/situations differently and develop a totally different perspective on problems and scenarios. Your approach resonates with some people, but not everyone. Don’t try and be everything to everyone; be YOU.

You don’t need that extra specialisation to make you unique; you are already. You just need to be you and let your audience know why YOU are what they need to solve their problem.

You might have trouble identifying what makes you unique, and that’s okay. Get help to find it because we often cannot see what others can. Just ask and others will tell you.

You have to believe; believe in you and what you can achieve. Stop doubting yourself; YOU can do it. Get someone in your corner, by your side – a coach or mentor who will help you see what you really can achieve – because in those moments where you do doubt yourself, their words and support will get you back on track.

And don’t forget the most important thing – you are good enough. Yes, YOU.

Go do something with that.

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  1. Loving this! There is a stigma in the economy that you have to have some type of degree or eqivelant certificate to claim your right to practise in certain industries, this may be relevant in some cases but there are many notable people in society that my not have even finished high school. Whilst you have your head down in the books learning the theory of the study, others will be down and dirty actually learning their skills on the job, which is always better in my opinion. I learnt most of what I do through self learning, practical industry experience and sheer passion, qualities that, I believe and hope, will always shine through. 

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