Become more efficient in your business – Part Two


As the owner and driver of your business, you must ensure that you spend your precious time on revenue-generating tasks. This could be client work or tasks that go towards developing revenue generating products and services.

If you take a look at your to-do list for today, I’m pretty sure you’ll find tasks listed that are not worth spending your valuable time on. Some of them may be admin-related such as updating your database with business cards you’ve collected recently, or even bookkeeping.

You didn’t go into business to spend time on these kinds of tasks when your time could be better spent elsewhere. Taking a look at the things you spend time on, if it’s not client work or a revenue generating activity, you need to consider outsourcing.

Of course, cash flow can be an issue when outsourcing but think of it this way.  If it takes you five hours for you to complete a task that would take an outsourced skilled person only two hours, then you’ve saved yourself five hours that you can now use to work on revenue-generating activities.

For example, if you charge your clients $100 per hour and you are currently completing admin tasks that could be outsourced for $30, you’re effectively reducing your hourly rate every time you work on those tasks.  Outsource them to someone else and work in your area of brilliance!


Do you struggle to let go of tasks, thinking that no one can complete them as well as you?  Have you tried to outsource before, found mistakes in the work, and then ended up doing the work yourself? This is a common problem. You need to remember that some tasks do not need to be perfect, especially if they do not impact on the performance of the business and or client.

Secondly, did you try to hand over the task without sufficient instruction?  Quite possibly.  I have a solution – instead of simply handing over a task, develop a system that delivers the outcome you want and then delegate an entire system. This means that if something goes wrong, you’ll be able to determine at which step the process fell over and make adjustments.

Delegation is an important skill to learn and goes hand in hand with trust. If trust is an issue for you, then it’s worth developing a system. Create checklists that allow you to review the process at certain points until you become comfortable that the system is being followed and the outcome is being delivered to your standard.


Are you the “bottleneck” in your business? As your business grows, you may unwittingly hold up the completion of projects if you’re too busy to talk to your outsourced staff, review their work and approve the next stage of the project.

The only way to eliminate this bottleneck is to remove yourself from the process if possible.  Again, this calls for effective delegation.  Develop a system, train a responsible person to oversee the process and get out of the way!

The only other solution is to set fixed times in your schedule to regularly work through these tasks.  Stop avoiding the task and dedicate time to it.  Make a regular appointment with yourself that can’t be rescheduled.

Work at your best time

Are you a morning person or evening person?  Work at whatever time of day suits you best.  If you’re a morning person, set that alarm for super early and get to it.  If you work better at night, don’t try and kid yourself that you’ll get up super early and complete something.  Realistically, it won’t happen.  Stick with what works and don’t deviate from it!

Certain tasks are better at certain times of the day as well.  Even though numbers are my “thing”, I can’t work with them at night. Foreign currency transactions do my head in if I attempt them too early in the morning.  That’s why I make sure to complete these tasks at other times.  My key focus time is morning for writing and dealing with numbers.  I try to leave afternoons for phone calls, email, correspondence etc.  I work with how my mind works best.

When does your brain work best?  If you find your mind wandering from particular tasks at certain times of the day, it’s time for a change.

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