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This is a very important but often underutilized concept.  Batching can literally save you time and money.  Batching involves putting similar tasks or location based tasks together to make more efficient use of your time.  This could be back to back phone call meetings (thus the location is at home on your phone), back to back client appointments (thus the location is out and about in your car and dressed for the occasion) and back to back errands and personal appointments.  The outcome of batching is creating efficiencies and focus.

Different focus for each day

As well as batching, it’s a good idea to allocate a different focus for different days, such as client days, development days and admin days.  Client days speak for themselves, while development days are spent working on your business by marketing, following up with prospects and developing new products/services.  Admin days are used to catch up on bookkeeping, filing, maintaining your systems etc. You could schedule client appointments for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, development day could be Wednesday, while admin day could be Friday.

Scheduling in advance

How many regular appointments do you have, both personal and business?  What if you scheduled them six months in advance?  That way you won’t forget to make your follow up appointments such as doctor, dental or chiropractic for example.  You could even schedule appointments to see your bookkeeper or speak with your Virtual Assistant in advance.  How often do you think “Oh, I must make that appointment with …”, then days and weeks pass and you can’t get the appointment when you need it?  You can eliminate that by scheduling ahead.

The powerful little word “no”

Do you struggle to say “no” to time wasters including family and friends? They may think that because you work for yourself you can answer their calls or go out for coffee any time.  Remember you’re in business to make money.  When you’re wasting time on personal phone calls or gasbagging over coffee during business hours, you’re robbing your business of time that could be spent on more fruitful opportunities.

Monitor your own time wasting activities as well. It’s tempting to surf the internet and spend excessive amounts of time on social media, email etc. Unlike money, you cannot recover time which you have lost. Put your focus hat on and get to it!  Music can often help you concentrate.

In my next fortnightly newsletter, I will be covering four more tips to help you become more efficient in your business!

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  1. Love batching. It’s my number one tool! I also have specific client days each week and an admin day.

    The development gets squeezed in between. I’ll really keep this in mind!

    Thanks for the great tips!

  2. This is an interesting topic. We’re always looking for valuable resources to send to clients and the accounting community, and your piece is absolutely worth sharing!

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