Fear busted!!!

Technology can be daunting sometimes, and so can the thought of being on camera! For such a long time I have wanted to get over my fear of being on camera.  And yesterday I had the perfect opportunity.  I was part of a public Google Hangout with Marc Lehmann of Saasu. It was an absolute hoot! I was lucky as the Saasu team looked after all the techo stuff and I could just concentrate on speaking with Marc about working in the cloud.  Attendees submitted questions, prior and during the event and we both enjoyed the conversation immensely.

I learnt a lesson yesterday. Many had been telling me for a long time that I should do video, but as it scared me silly I kept putting it off.  The day you see a video with just me talking into the camera published on this blog will be a big momentous day. Champagne all round! That’s how much it scares me.

But in all seriousness yesterday’s hangout gave me the confidence to do more Google Hangouts. I’ll interview other guests within my area of focus, systems and productivity and the positive impact that can have on profit.  Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime if you’d like to watch the Google Hangout, learn about working in the cloud and what Saasu’s mission for small business owners is, watch the video above.

But what I really want to know is what fears do you have that you just can’t seem to overcome?  Is there a way to ease the fear and make it less daunting as I did with the Google Hangout?  It reminds me of a quote I heard the other day:

Dreams are on the other side of your fears….. go get yours!



Oh and just in case your interested in the book mentioned in the video you can access that here

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