Give Up? Not a chance

Give Up? Not a chance

First published on the ABN Her Business Blog

I reached one of those tipping points in my business this week. You know the ones, where it all makes sense and sense of order prevails.

How about you? Have you reached your tipping point yet?

I know I am now in the next phase of my business. I have created big plans for 2011 and I can now see not only will they be achieved, but surpass what I thought possible. This tipping point occurred with a little help from a friend; someone who was willing to really challenge what I’m doing now and what is possible. I am extremely grateful to this friend for seeing this reality for me and helping me understand that is indeed possible.

Do you have people such as this in your life? People who really challenge you to push yourself and move forward? Staying in the same spot – that comfort zone – can be ‘oh so safe’ and easy, but are you really living up to your potential? As children we are forever learning, pushing our own boundaries to mould who we will be. Why is it that so many us stop learning and pushing ourselves to become the best we can possible be?

Why do we lose that drive to improve? Or give up when it gets hard? Is it because what we are pursuing is not our “thing”; our genetic and environmental “thing” that we are put on this earth to excel at?

I competed in a sport when I was younger that I absolutely loved. My successes weren’t many, but I loved it nonetheless. And in competitive sport, the name is always winning. I realised later in life that I didn’t have that “edge” for competitive sport; where you are willing to get through that physical pain barrier. I started coaching in that sport and had more success. Hmm…. an insight into where my talents lie perhaps?

But all was not lost, as I have truly found where I will never give up – and that is in business. I proved that to myself this week. I’ve been proving it for quite a while, but had never realised that business is my “thing”; that “thing” that I will never, ever, ever give up on. Period. Does that mean I will pursue a non-profitable venture? No. But what it does mean is that I will be the problem solver for my business and do what it takes to make it work. If it works, repeat. If it doesn’t, adjust and move forward. And always revisit those “repeatable” steps to look for improvement as well.

By taking that undeniable “never give up” stance, and combining it with my love of teaching people, I can help business owners to never give up themselves. That tipping point is always just around the corner. It is. Sometimes you have so much junk to navigate before you reach that corner, but it’s there I promise you. Don’t let the junk get in your way. Don’t settle. Find that “thing” that is truly you, that makes your heart sing.

Am I saying let go of everything else in the pursuit of this “thing”? No, but be aware of what happens in your life – people you meet, comments made, wins you have, losses you incur – and use them as learning experiences to grow who you are so you can find your “thing” because that ability to never give up, get to that corner and have those tipping points is one of the most enriching internal moments you can have. You just made your soul sing.

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