Is your right hand talking to your left?

Is your right hand talking to your left?

I love systems, and continually implement them for clients and myself. I see systems in process all the time – some are great, some not so great.

Implementing systems is fabulous, but some just stop there. There is so much more that can be done for continuous improvement. Let’s see where your systems could work better together:

Systems Integration

Systems implemented in various components of your business, but are not integrated together. Integration of key systems can save time, money, headaches and error.

Key systems to integrate together:

  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • customer support
  • project management
  • billing
  • shopping cart
  • accounting

The integration that works best is dependent on your business. In the earlier stages it’s not always necessary to have all components talking to each other. For example, I have my project management, billing and accounting systems integrated, but not my CRM. I personally prefer to think about that function (prospects for business) separately from my clients.

Think of integration as the left hand talking to the right hand. When your hands don’t get the right messages, communication can be misconstrued, things missed and errors made.

Integration creates a seamless flow of business information. Sounds calming, doesn’t it?  It is. You can concentrate on the important stuff.

A great tool I have come across for integrating software is OneSaas. Created in Sydney, Australia, OneSaas, run by Corneliu, can be the integration answer you’ve been looking for. Integrating one system with another can be as simple as signing up and following the instructions. You know us lay people aren’t always fantastic at making these things work, but the Corneliu team is more than happy to help. So if you try this fab service and can’t get it to work, don’t give up. Let them know and they’ll get you sorted. I highly recommend it!

Strive for efficiency

When you’ve been systemised for some time you get so used to the system working perfectly that it doesn’t occur to you there could be a better way.

As our businesses grow things change, as do technologies, external environments and our customers. When these things occur sometimes our existing systems can handle the changes, sometimes they cant. Regardless of whether they can or can’t, it’s imperative to commit to continuous improvement for your business, and that means continuous improvement for your systems.

Always look for improvement in your existing systems, investigate new technologies and see whether they can apply to your business to drive improvement.

The more you can streamline your systems to work together, the more time and energy you’ll have to concentrate on your business growth.

If you’re unsure how to integrate your systems or require systems for your business, get in touch at and we’ll get your right hand talking to your left.



  1. Alycia, Love your blog – I feel as though you are talking straight to me!
    As a small business owner I know I need systems, on my To-Do List is to start researching appropriate  systems  for our business. However I have lost confidence after previously  trying to implement a new system which turned out not what we wanted – a disaster –  a costly mistake all round; financially, time, emotion and stress.
    So I appreciate your appraisal of systems you use/come across  - word of mouth is best reseach tool.


    • Hi Alison

      I’m so glad you enjoy the blog, thank you! What’s that saying…. once burned twice shy. Not all systems work out and sometimes we have to deal with the fall out of that. I have changed my CRM and project management system twice since Dec2010. Not that the systems weren’t good, but I outgrew them or something better came along. Systems evolve and that’s a good thing.

      There will definitely be more reviews of systems in the future not only that I use but that clients use as well.

      Stay tuned! :)


  2. Nice post!

  3. Great article, Alycia! Adaptation is one of the keys to success. You may be hardworking, innovative and smart. But if you can’t adapt to modern technology, these other factos would have minimal effect on your business. Learn how to use modern technology to your advantage – that is the name of the game.

  4. Indeed it is Darcy.  Glad you enjoyed the post! :)

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