I failed but that’s okay…

I failed but that’s okay…

Do you set goals only to feel frustrated and disappointed when they’re not met? This happened to me this quarter. I set some specific bold goals to really move my business forward and did not achieve them. All was not lost though; I achieved my financial goals – smashed them in fact.

But, I’m a bit of a doer, and to not achieve my goals left me feeling a little down on myself.  The reality is I wasn’t slacking off; after all I wouldn’t have achieved my financial goals if that was the case. But my attention was diverted to business foundation matters, resourcing up, establishing new clients and an opportunity that took up such a considerable amount of time that in the end I decided to let it go.

It would be so easy to wallow in self pity and come up with excuse after excuse as to why I didn’t achieve my goals (ie points above) and give up on them altogether. It would be so easy to stay in my comfort zone and say, “well those goals weren’t supposed to be.”  Balderdash! If we let our, “don’t rock the boat” alter egos control our thoughts, we wouldn’t achieve anything! Instead, I’m going to face the fact I went off track a little, wasn’t solely focused on my bold goals and didn’t achieve them. I did, however, achieve other amazing things in my business, just not the things I intended; and that’s okay. But here is what I’m going to do to get back on track:

• Re-schedule my bold goal deadlines for the remainder of the year
• Allocate project time in my calendar for the specific “next action” associated with each goal
• Review my progress at the end of each week to ensure I’m keeping on track
• Reward myself for keeping on track and if I haven’t, well, no rewards
• Schedule in my “Business Foundation” time as a project as well, and its associated “next actions” because it’s becoming more important as the business grows
• Keep accountable to myself and others with a regular check in.

Sounds pretty achievable right? Yes, but to foolproof myself this time so I don’t fail, I am going to dangle the biggest carrot possible for me at the moment, Here it is:

If I achieve my bold goals for this Sept11 quarter, I will book my trip to SXSW in March 2012. I’m excited just writing that. Oh I really have to go and get started; I am not going to miss out on booking this trip!

Are you off track? What will you do to get back on and move forward? What super reward can you set yourself that will foolproof your focus?

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  1.  Great practical tips Alicia and a timely reminder for me not to get so down on myself for not reaching my goals.  Thank you.

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