Are you lacking inspiration or enthusiasm for your business right now?

Are you lacking inspiration or enthusiasm for your business right now?

Are you lacking inspiration or enthusiasm for your business right now? It happens. Sometimes it can all feel like such a drudge that you wonder why you’re in business! It’s totally normal.

Some will say this feeling is leading to a breakdown of sorts, and once this occurs you can look forward to the breakthrough. I tend to believe this. Often running a business can become a drudge when we are totally overwhelmed, have too much to do and no one to help. It’s like a spiraling effect; there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel.

I often find these moments of despair occur on the upward climb to the next level of your business. It’s not until you assess where you are right now, that you realise that your business has grown – and is continuing to grow. The resources, systems and procedures that had been working before are no longer supporting you, more like strangling you.  You’re near that tipping point that requires some major decisions and changes.

When you are about to reach that tipping point what should you do?

  • Firstly, stop and assess. Recognise that you do have too much on and you need some extra resources. If that’s not possible, you’ll need to cut back.
  • Assess the systems you have in place for customer attraction, engagement and retention, marketing, resources, financial, internal projects. You may have outgrown them. If you don’t have any at all, you’ve definitely outgrown not having a system.
  • Develop a plan based on your next level of business. What resources do you need?  What systems do you need in place?
  • Engage a coach or mentor – someone to keep you on track and help you get to where you want to go. Make sure they are ahead of you in their business so you get the benefit of learning from their mistakes as well.
  • Breathe – this shall pass. You just need to make some changes to ensure you proceed into the next level.

And know that as horrendous as this time feels, the other side – after all your changes are made – is blissful.

It really is greener on the other side. I know, I’m here. Come join me.


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