Missed some baby steps?

Missed some baby steps?

When a child is learning to walk sheer determination kicks in. Regardless of how many falls or mishaps, once they have a taste of it they need more and are single-minded in achieving the goal to walk. They continue to try over and over again until they succeed.  One focus, one aim; achieve, tick; onto the next goal. And think about it – they literally take baby steps (hence the expression) to achieve walking. The first step is crawling, next standing, then walking. Single, focused baby steps achieve the end result.

Once we’re adults we tend to “rush over” baby steps, anxious to get to the end result. And often, as the end result is slow coming, we are left feeling disappointed, unmotivated and doubtful of our intentions. I have been guilty of this many times. In this fast-paced world we live in, we have forgotten about taking single, focused steps to achieve the end result. So, how can you maintain your motivation, drive and focus to achieve your end results, without sabotaging yourself along the way?


Yes, simplify.

Take that end result – that goal or outcome – and break it down. Too often we focus on our ultimate goals, but forget about the “baby steps” necessary to take on the journey to the destination. Here’s how you do it.

  • Take your goal and simplify the wording as much as possible. Write it so a five-year old could understand what you want to achieve
  • Ask yourself what is the most logical “smaller result” that occurs before the end goal?
  • Ask yourself again what is the most logical “smaller result” that occurs before that?
  • Continue that process until you arrive back at where you are right now
  • Re-read all of the “steps” you have developed. Can you explain them to a five-year old?

If not, simplify them again.

Each step should be like a progressive climb up a ladder, building one on top of the other.  Once you reach each rung, you work on progressing to the next, and the next, and so on.
Each rung on the ladder gives you a single focus, which maintains your motivation and, once achieved, gives you the reward you need to stay on the journey to the end. Each rung is just a little taste, giving you a glimpse of the end result and what it will be like to achieve that goal. Bite-sized tastes can fuel your determination to succeed and keep working towards the end result.

Determination can go a long way, and is often the difference between achieving and failing. Give yourself a chance to stay determined and focus on the end result by taking “baby steps” – simple, doable steps that lead you on the path to success.

What are you waiting for? Take a baby step today.

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