Are your numbers pie in the sky?

Are your numbers pie in the sky?

I love a new calendar year – it’s so exciting with so many possibilities.  I particularly love the planning process which I find invigorating and motivating.  I enjoy planning for the New Year and setting bold goals for my life and my business.  I always come up with some numbers to go with the process, for example, a revenue goal of $250,000 for the year.  Then bang!  The New Year starts and we’re off!

However, I see so many people go through this process and fall flat, not achieving their dollar targets.  But why?  Well it’s so easy to get carried away in the planning process and pluck numbers from thin air but all too often these numbers have no foundation in reality.

If you pluck a number from thin air and cruise along, ultimately not achieving your figures, you’ll getdespondent about numbers and wonder what the point is!

The essential question to ask yourself is, how exactly will I achieve this number?  It’s fine to come up with a number but what steps will you take to get there?  This is where real planning comes in, and this is how you can begin to love your numbers and see how they relate to your goals.

Tips for hitting your “number goals”:

  • Be realistic – I’m not saying don’t put your intentions out there, but if you made $250,000 revenue last year and are setting your sights on $1,000,000, you need to have some serious strategies in place to achieve that.  It is possible (I’ve seen it happen) but you require anextremely detailed plan.  You and your team must be hustling like nothing else.
  • Be logical – Work backwards from your numbers.  Say you want to make $120,000 revenue i.e. $10,000 per month.  But you know that January and December are slow months, so you’ll  have to adjust this figure to $12,000 per month between February and November.
  • Be detailed – How will you make the $12,000 per month?  How many clients does that mean?  How many programs?  How many products?  Are there other factors?  Is it just you and no other team members?  If so, you’ll need to consider outsourcing to reach bigger goals.
  • Go deeper – Now you know how many clients, programs etc are required to reach your target but how are you going to achieve that exactly?  Who is your ideal client and do they really want what you have to offer?  Have you developed a marketing plan around these targets?  This is the glue that holds you and your numbers accountable.  If you don’t “go deep” you will struggle to reach your goals.
  • Evolve – Perhaps you get half way through the year and you find yourself way off your targets or even way above.  You can revise – just because you set them for the year doesn’t mean you can’t revise them.  You and your business evolve all the time and so should your numbers.  When revising, review the steps above; be realistic, be logical, be detailed and go deeper.

How does your planning look now?  A little pie in the sky?  Don’t worry, apply the tips above and you can eat your pie throughout the year. Think about it like this, if you take the time to grow the apples, pick the apples, cook the apples and make the pie you are well on your way to eating the most delicious pie.  So, take your time, enjoy the process, follow the recipe and you will create a wholesome business which is full of life and more than capable of reaching its goals.



  1. Thanks Christie! So glad you enjoyed it!

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