It’s Not You, It’s Me. How do you know if you’ve outgrown your system?

It’s Not You, It’s Me. How do you know if you’ve outgrown your system?

You love the new software system you implemented, but you are officially over the honeymoon phase. You’re now working with and using the system extensively and have figured out some of the quirks, but have also discovered some things you’d like it to do but are not a feature yet.

This system is ingrained in your daily activity, yet you’re beginning to get frustrated because you can’t do something with ease.

You start to work outside of the system and, even worse, forgo some things that have great importance, but have now got too hard to do in your existing system.

Instead of relying on the system as an integral part of your business, you start to doubt its capabilities and wonder whether it can really deliver what you need.

Now is the time for that, ‘it’s not you it’s me’ conversation with your system. It’s time to break up and move on. Breaking up is hard for some – all sorts of questions come up, like how will I get my data across to a new system and what about the training? Arghhhh! It’s all too hard.

Yes it can be a little inconvenient, but let me ask you this, isn’t it more inconvenient to be trying to use a system you have lost faith in; a system that is causing you to be haphazard in your approach?

It’s okay, there’s rehab for this sort of thing. Here’s my 10-step plan to a clean break up:

1. Identify you’re not happy with your system and that it’s time to move on. Remember that it’s not the system’s fault, you have simply outgrown it. This happens all the time.
2. Scout around for a new system that will fulfill your needs.
3. Look at other systems that may connect your systems together for improved efficiencies.
4. Sign up for test versions for a few systems (if that’s an option), test drive them, try and break them.
5. Read the forums for the software to discover all the quirky things that may not appear in the test environment or features page.
6. Decide on your new system.
7. Set a date to completely transfer over to the new system ~ the wedding.
8. Break it to your old system. Be gentle, it’s not their fault.
9. Transfer all your data across. Most systems will explain how to do that and their support team will assist if you have problems.
10. Congratulations, you just got married to your new system.

Enjoy the honeymoon phase, but be aware you may well end up in a divorce sooner than you think. That’s okay, you signed the pre-nup and know what to expect if that happens, don’t you?

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  1. LOL … and so true. I argued and wrestled with my CRM for SOOOOOOO long … for all of the reasons you described … and then one day I realised I wasn’t using it AT ALL anymore … and my system … well it wasn’t a system anymore.

    My new marriage to my new CRM system (which happens to be your recommended system of the week, Highrise) is awesome … so in love :-)

    Great post … as always, Alycia!

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