Plan Your Resources For Success

Plan Your Resources For Success

How do you know when it’s time to hire more people or outsource tasks? That’s where your resources plan comes into action.For most start-ups, when you first begin business you have to wear many different hats. You are the sales person, chief marketer, bookkeeper and even the cleaner!Of course your hope is not to continue with all of these roles in the future. If you determine your organisational chart, you can in fact see where your “many hats” exist and map them out for your business.

Task Analysis

One of the best things to do is look at the tasks you are handling now or are still on your to-do list. If you refer to your marketing plan and financial plan, what tasks are required to move your business forward, to reach your goals, to implement those plans and achieve your financial objectives?

There are probably tasks that you procrastinate on continually because you hate doing them! If there’s a way to plan for additional resources to complete those tasks, make it happen. You will be a much happier business owner.

Maybe your marketing plan is overly ambitious for your skill set? What skill set do you require to make it happen? Make sure it’s budgeted for in your financial plan and you’re partly on your way to achieving your marketing plan.

Once you’ve collated all necessary tasks, analyse them carefully and see if you can identify a batch of tasks that are similar and thus suited to a particular skill set. From those identified skills, what experience, qualifications, personality and attitude are required to fulfil the roles and responsibilities of that position?

With this information, you have the making of job descriptions and then you can decide on employment type (i.e. subcontractor, full time or casual employee).

Organise departmentally

If you think about large organisations, they consist of many departments, but they all started off small at some stage. It may have been a long time ago, but many roles were conducted by just a few people. Rather than waiting until you are big enough to departmentalise, set the roles and departments in place now to clearly identify what positions you will require in the future.

Depending on the stage of your business there are a few departments you can start planning for:

  • Operations
  • Sales/marketing
  • Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Product Development

As I mentioned earlier, you’re probably handling the above functions yourself, however sooner or later you’ll need to outsource if you want to achieve your goals and objectives.

Financial, marketing and resources plan intrinsically linked

It’s great to plan but if you don’t have the resources required to execute your plan, there’s not much point. So, based on your marketing plan and your financial objectives, what resources will you actually require to achieve your objectives?

It could be as simple as requiring some admin assistance to allow you to concentrate on money-making tasks.

Perhaps you’ll need some sales staff (or distributors depending on your model) or maybe it’s time to engage the services of a fulfilment house?

The beauty of resource planning is that it literally ties into your financial planning as well. If a new staff member is required, what will their salary be? Remember you need to budget for this. If you need a fulfilment house, what are your options? Even with commission-based sales staff or distributors, what will their rate be and how will that fit into your financial plan?

You can see how your financial plan, marketing plan and resources plan are all interrelated. You need the marketing and resources to achieve the financial plan, and vice versa.

Map your resources based on your marketing calendar

In my previous post I showed you how to create a marketing calendar to schedule and keep track of your marketing activities. You can also use your marketing calendar to map out when you’ll require extra resources to achieve the goals set out in your marketing plan. Your marketing calendar will show you when major promotions are being held and what resources you will require to implement these promotions.

P.S. Want to learn more about planning your resources?

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