Are You "Present" In Your Business?

Are You "Present" In Your Business?

This could mean a lot of things couldn’t it? Am I asking if you’re physically present in your business? No. Am I asking if you’re engaged in your business? The answer is a resounding yes! So where am I heading with this?Let’s start with the notion that to be present in your life, you need to be engaged in that moment at that point in time. You might be playing with your kids, chatting to your best buddy, listening to your spouse when they’re telling you about their day. Whichever situation it may be, it can be difficult to be really present, really listening and being in that moment. You may fob it off as nonsense, but next time you are in any of the above situations, take notice (almost an observation from outside of your body).Are you really listening and engaged or are you thinking about what to cook for dinner and all those items on your to-do list? Are the thoughts running through your head distancing you from the present situation? I am guilty of this, but am trying to be more aware so that I can be more “present” in each and every moment.

As for your business, you are working “on” or “in” it every day (unless you’re lucky enough to have set things up to run without you). You are physically there but are you “present” mentally?

Do you have your mind on the job, so to speak? I’m not asking whether you worry about your business, we all do that. I’m asking whether you allow yourself to think, strategise, improve your business, allow it to grow through you?

Current or previous presence in your business is fundamental to your success. Your financial results will often be an indicator of how “present” you are in your business. Sure, other external factors can be a component of these results, but being present, being really present in your business can show up in the financials and the growth of your business. Has your business stagnated? Are you bored with its direction? Bored with the “same old same old”? Have you lost your presence? When you become bored or restless is the moment you have lost presence in your business.

Remember when I said it has nothing to do with physical presence? Well if you don’t work “in” your business but “on” your business, I’ll ask the question again – are you present in your business? Even when you work “on” your business you can find yourself very busy, but are you really present? If you are really present you are super enthusiastic about growing your business, you are open to learning from all kinds of sources about how to improve your business, you see opportunities galore and you are highly invested in yourself as the instigator of your business.

If you are present, you make sure that your marketing funnel is continually filled; you are continually developing new products, services and programs.

Let’s consider business owners who have totally automated their business so that it runs without them. A business does not become automated by systems and processes without the owners being very present to make sure it became that way. So what if you’re just maintaining the systems and processes that are currently in place, are you present? You might think you are, but unless you’re being innovative, developing new ideas, seeking improvement in yourself and your business, you are simply in maintenance mode and not fully present. I’d compare this to driving a car – once that skill is learned you can do it on autopilot and you don’t need to be present, you just cruise along (this is often how accidents happen – so do try to be present while driving!).

So how do you become “present” in your business? Look outside of your world, read a business book to stimulate ideas, learn from audios, talk to other business people. You can find inspiration everywhere if you open your mind and let your thoughts flow. Take yourself away from your business to get a fresh perspective. Hire a coach, mentor, get the opinions of others, go and relax, play golf or whatever takes your fancy. Clear your mind to allow room for new ideas that allow you and your business to grow and for you to be really present and engaged in your business.

Being present and driving results in your business is extremely rewarding, not just for your bank account but for your soul.

So let me ask you, are you present in your business?


  1. Alycia, this is a great post! And yes, I completely agree about being present in your biz and your life- very important! Love the analogy of driving a car and when you are on autopilot is when accidents happen… don’t be on autopilot for too long or your biz will suffer. So true.

    So to answer your question, yes I am present in my business, but this past week I have been “unplugged” on a dude ranch and have been SO inspired by not doing anything for my business! It is actually an essential ingredient to success – to step out of your routine and just “be” so you can get re-energized and inspired about life. This is one of the best tools I know of for truly being PRESENT!

    • Thanks Britt

      We are in school holiday mode here so I am not as “plugged” in as normal. You are correct, it’s amazing what a little downtime can do to get the creative juices flowing and the brain thinking “about” your business rather than what’s next on the to-do list.

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