Social Networking vs Google

Social Networking vs Google

As a subscriber to I read an article about google and social media, see here.  It was rather interesting as it looked at the shift between people marketing AT you on google, compared to recommendations from your social media network (facebook, twitter).  As I am not on either site, I will only comment on my readings.  I have been thinking about twitter for some time, but decided to wait until I had this blog and newsletter caper sorted.

From what I understand it’s all about relationships and the more relationships you build both online and off, the more community knowledge base you have access too.  So it makes sense (particularly with twitter) to ask your “community” for recommendations that are heartfelt, genuine suggestions, instead of a conversationless search engine.  Not only does the community reply quickly, you don’t have to filter through any junk.

So who will you ask the question of, google or your community?

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