Stop! Let me off this train, this wasn’t the ticket I bought!

Stop! Let me off this train, this wasn’t the ticket I bought!

First published on the ABN Her Business Blog

Your train is hurtling along and the countryside is whizzing by. With each paddock you are getting closer to your destination. Ahh, its comforting to know you’re on the right path, you will get to your destination and everything will be in order.

Next thing you know, the ticket inspector is heading towards you, but where is your ticket? Oh hang on, here it is… but wait a minute, this isn’t the train I’m supposed to be on…

Could you feel the dread rising from the pit of your stomach? That feeling where you’ve worked so hard, lined up all your ducks in a row and then BAM! The last piece of the puzzle doesn’t fit. It was all for nothing. I’m sure that’s how the contestants on The Block felt this week when their properties were passed in at auction. All that hard work and nothing to show for it.

We can all lead ourselves on such a ride that when you reach your destination, you wonder how on earth you got there. You’re positive this wasn’t where you set out to go. You’re intentions were great, but something happened along the way, the train changed tracks and hurtled you off in another direction.

You know what? Pick yourself up, grab another ticket, jump on board another train and head off towards your intended destination. It’s just a detour! And, yes, detours can make the trip so much longer, but here’s the best bit. You learn so much from a detour – you see things you would never have seen, make decisions you would never have made, meet people you would never have met and learn things about yourself you would never have thought possible.

Detours can be painful when you realise you’ve been on one and when you think about the wasted time and resources initially.

But nothing we do in life is a waste of time or resources if we can learn from it. Every new piece of information, thought process or a-ha moment helps us to fill in our map on this journey of life to get to our own pot of gold – whatever that may be.

So the next time you’re cursing yourself for wasting time, stop reacting and reflect. I’m positive you will be able to pinpoint the learning from the situation.

If all else fails, grab a glass of wine – reflection may just come easier. :)

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