Success is Predictable

Success is Predictable

One success model I was immediately drawn to upon reading the book was Predictable Success by Les McKeown. Predictable Success (and his second book The Synergist) is one of those books that as you’re reading, you’re nodding your head, thinking yes that’s where I’m at, and oh that’s what I do.

Not only have I been a big fan of Les McKeown’s work from afar, but his quarterly Predictable Success workshop happened to fall the day before another conference I was attending started. Perfect!

Unlike other workshops I’ve been to, there was no workbook. Basically the two books are the workshop material – Predictable Success and The Synergist.

The workshop was a great refresher on the model, and its components. But it also cemented the concepts further through examples and attendee discussion. I was in mind heaven working through the concepts! The link between the personality styles – visionary, operator, processor and synergist – and the stages on the Predictable Success growth model were covered at length.

And it was through this discussion I really grasped what my business needed to do to move forward to Predictable Success, and what type of team members I required to get there. I now also understand better the Predictable Success stage that is best for long-term clients, and the one that is best as a short-term option.

The best thing about this model is you don’t have to learn the concepts and mould yourself to it. It is based on many years of observations and fact, which means you fit somewhere in the model and work your way to Predictable Success.

One of the homework items I was set before attending the workshop was the Predictable Success quiz 1 and quiz 2. Something I forgot to do (oops!). Les works through your profile in the workshop, so it’s in your best interests to get this done. Even for those not attending, the quiz gives you such an insight into your business and your personality style, I highly recommend you do it.

I know I will continue to reread both Predictable Success and The Synergist as “workbooks”, but also highlight and tag substantially. And I will regularly retake the quiz to see if my Synergistic skills are improving.

If you haven’t read either of the books I highly recommend both. You can get them here:

And if you do plan on attending Les’s workshop, read the books (and do the quizzes) beforehand.


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