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If I started over….


I’ve been in business for a while - I’ve bought and sold a surf shop, started an accountancy business and launched a series of products and services that have assisted many business owners navigate the sometimes rocky world of business ownership. But if I started over what would I do differently? Read More »

Can your business survive each week?


Do you know what revenue you need to generate this week to survive? By that I mean to cover all of your business costs and pay yourself? This is vital information you need to know to ensure you're building a profitable business. As a business owner, life can get so busy that unless you have your eye on the ball, costs can escalate. Before you know it you're operating at a loss, totally unaware to the fact! Read More »

Are you being resourceful or resourceFULL?


As we get into the business growth groove we usually start to consume more resources either in the normal course of business or in attempts to get to the next level. Sometimes we are so busy in the growth mindset that we automatically invest in more and more resources without properly evaluating what we are doing. We can lose sight of being resourceFUL i.e. making the most of what we have and making sure each dollar is purchasing maximum value. I'm not talking about being stingy but taking a step back and evaluating what resources you are investing in and deciding whether: Read More »

Your Financial Plan doesn’t have to be painful


The mere mention of a financial plan can send business owners into a tailspin. It doesn’t have to be this way, it can be as simplistic or as complicated as you make it. A financial plan will help you determine what revenues you can, will and/or need to achieve based on the expenses you will incur. They can be in ... Read More »