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Every Single Day


We get stomped on all the time and it takes a lot of courage and effort to get back up. Something goes wrong in your business, with your family or with you. How you react to the challenges in your life on a daily basis determines your life's journey. Read More »

Don’t just speak and run


We all think the reason we should attend conferences is to enhance our learning, along with a little bit of networking thrown in. I agree this is a great reason, but perhaps we can be more strategic about it. Perhaps we could attend conferences solely for the networking opportunities they offer? On the weekend I saw mums from all over Australia converge on the AusMumpreneurs Conference in Sydney. They were there to learn, and learn they did, but the real magic was in the relationships being formed; the matchmaking of individuals who should know each other and the business being done in the corridor. And unless you are there, you don't experience it. Read More »

Be an Action Jackson


Could you tell me right now exactly what you will be doing for the remainder of the week? Some of you will give me a resounding yes. Others will say no, I don’t work like that Alycia; I’m too creative or I go with the flow. How's that working for you? Have you achieved all your goals up until now? Have you made progress on those fab ideas you've had? Your business is growing purposefully? No? I thought so. Being fluid and in the moment is just not going to push you - or your business - forward purposefully, regardless of how spiritual and connected to source you are. Read More »

Give Up? Not a chance


I reached one of those tipping points in my business this week. You know the ones, where it all makes sense and sense of order prevails. How about you? Have you reached your tipping point yet? Read More »