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These business owners need not apply…


We have an ideal client profile and one of the chief characteristics of that profile is that the client is focused on making a profit. Yes, making a profit. It seems like a no-brainer right? But it’s not always so. You see, there are business owners who are focused on profit, and there are those that are focused on not ... Read More »

Get to the why, what’s driving your business?


I often get asked, “What numbers should I be looking at?” My answer is always all of them, but for some that’s just too much. And dependent on your industry the answer can also differ. But really there is a first step that business owners need to make – and that is understanding the story behind your numbers. Okay, stay ... Read More »

Getting Naked


Business professionals who provide a service, like accountants, fall into two camps – those who care about you as a client and those who care about the money. That’s not to say you can’t care about both – of course a good business person must care about money – but it shouldn’t be the driving factor for why they work with you. I think you see a great distinction between those who care about their clients and those who care about their money. Read More »

Are you being resourceful or resourceFULL?


As we get into the business growth groove we usually start to consume more resources either in the normal course of business or in attempts to get to the next level. Sometimes we are so busy in the growth mindset that we automatically invest in more and more resources without properly evaluating what we are doing. We can lose sight of being resourceFUL i.e. making the most of what we have and making sure each dollar is purchasing maximum value. I'm not talking about being stingy but taking a step back and evaluating what resources you are investing in and deciding whether: Read More »

Leverage your time by creating packages and products


If you're a service professional, the industry norm is probably to charge an hourly rate. However, this tends to make clients overly focused on your hourly rate, making them too price-conscious. It would be better to focus them on the value of the services you're providing, rather than what you are charging per hour. Read More »

Five Ways To Boost Your Sales


Are you wasting the opportunity of turning a prospect into a paying customer or client? For example, say in you’re in the service industry. What systems do you have in place to make sure you’re following up on leads that come your way? You can get so busy in the “doing” that this important step is left to chance. It’s like leaving money on the table for someone else to find. Put systems in place to make sure you are following up each lead in some way. Read More »