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Are you sabotaging your business decisions?


Business is all about decisions. And the speed at which you can make them effectively has a direct impact on the growth and stability of your business. So let me ask you this? Are you sabotaging the big decisions in your business by not having all the relevant information at your fingertips? Read More »

Get to the why, what’s driving your business?


I often get asked, “What numbers should I be looking at?” My answer is always all of them, but for some that’s just too much. And dependent on your industry the answer can also differ. But really there is a first step that business owners need to make – and that is understanding the story behind your numbers. Okay, stay ... Read More »

The fortune is in the follow up


You meet people at an event, you swap details. You get back to your office and the 'busy' work takes over. Most of us don’t have assistants to delegate work to and even if we do, our client work always comes first (as it should). But what about filling that marketing pipeline? Isn’t that just as important? Here are some questions that you need to consider: Read More »

Five Ways To Boost Your Sales


Are you wasting the opportunity of turning a prospect into a paying customer or client? For example, say in you’re in the service industry. What systems do you have in place to make sure you’re following up on leads that come your way? You can get so busy in the “doing” that this important step is left to chance. It’s like leaving money on the table for someone else to find. Put systems in place to make sure you are following up each lead in some way. Read More »