Victoria’s Secret, not so secret anymore!

Victoria’s Secret, not so secret anymore!

Another delight from my trip to New York was the opportunity to visit Victoria’s Secret. Yes, the lingerie shop. Before this visit my impressions of Victoria’s Secret were that only glamorous models wore the brand. I was curious about what the store would look like and how accessible it really was to the average woman, ie, me.

From our hotel it was a trek worthy of a subway ride and although my friend wasn’t the least bit interested in Victoria’s Secret she came along for the ride anyway.

Upon entering the store we were greeted by cosmetics. Who knew Victoria’s Secret did that as well? We walked through the cosmetics section and were greeted by ornate chairs (and lots of waiting men), custom-built shelving and cabinetry and pink. The branding was evident visually throughout the store’s layout.

Various ‘rooms’ awaited, with surround shelving, built-in drawers and large stand-alone cabinets with drawers underneath. Lingerie was displayed on top of cabinets and hung from the book shelves. But within all this, the most beautiful thing of all was upon discovering an item you wish to try on, you simply go to the drawers underneath and look for the one labelled in your size. Yes, imagine that, a store actually making it easy to find your size. Tick, tick Victoria’s Secret.

Not only did this concept apply to the bras, but to the knickers as well. In fact, there was an entire section (think room) devoted just to knickers. Again, Victoria’s Secret makes it super easy to not only find your size in the labelled drawers, but also mix and match your chosen bras with all of the knickers. Tick, tick Victoria’s Secret.

But wait there’s more! When your arms are full the staff give you a large bag to put your items in before heading to the change rooms. Smart move! You’re able to take more in – and potentially purchase more. And there are staff everywhere willing and eager to help you out. Need a matching knicker for the bra, no problem they will help you find the exact one, or if that’s not to your liking they suggest other matching alternatives.

When you enter the change rooms you are greeted by your very own assistant, asked your name, size etc, which is filled out on a card for you and stuck on the front of the change room door as your enter. Even the change rooms are lush! After you’ve found the styles that work for you, they are ticked on your card so you never ever forget!

And the prices? Well I thought they would be over $100 for just a bra, but no, $45 to $60, which is not expensive. So the lingerie affordable to the average woman and looks and feels great too!

Victoria’s Secret now has me as a customer for life – great product, great service, attention to detail and a simple shopping process.

It’s actually not that hard to simplify the process for the customer. What can you simplify in your business to ensure your customer is having an experience that keeps them coming back for more?

And my friend? Well she not only purchased on that day but returned days later to purchase more. Definitely converted. Well done Victoria’s Secret, well done.

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