This year is nearly over… but not yet

This year is nearly over… but not yet

First published on the ABN Her Business Blog

How is the year going for you?

Travelling well, or caught up in the busy, busy?

You have 10 weeks until this year is finished. Yes, 10 weeks. I’m sure you’re cursing me right now, aren’t you?

So where are you in your goals for the year? Made progress? Totally lost track?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Revisit your goals for 2011
  2. Grab a calendar and review the next 10 weeks
  3. Work out what you can realistically achieve
  4. Do you need to defer some to next year?
  5. Stop, stop right there!

Here’s the thing. I could say map it out, move some to next year and you’ll get it done then. You may, or may not. But deferring action is one of the worst things you can do, because quite frankly it becomes a continual habit. You justify the deferral internally and continue to work only as hard as you think you can.

Big mistake.

YOU are going to achieve those goals you set out to do in 2011 by the end of this year. Sometimes circumstances change, and that changes goals. I get that, but if the reason you haven’t achieved a goal is simply because you didn’t give it the time or the focus, now is time to pay your dues.

YOU will map out exactly how you will achieve your goals in the next 10 weeks. You will work your butt off to make sure it happens. NO excuses, no floundering. This is the price you pay for deferring action during the year.

Don’t question me and say, “oh easy for you to say.” It’s not. I have set myself a bucket load to achieve in the next 10 weeks – and I will achieve it. It will be super hard from a time commitment point of view, but I will also need to step up to another level entirely.

Stop playing small. Challenge yourself to break through those fearful barriers we all put up. Believe in yourself and what you can achieve. Stop settling for what business is bringing you and go out there and make it happen the way YOU want it to.

BE your business, CREATE your business; BE you, CREATE you.

It’s only 10 weeks, are you up for the challenge?

And if you can achieve that in 10 weeks, just imagine what you could achieve in 2012 with that same determination and focus. Think of this 10 weeks as a test run to prove to yourself what you’re really capable of.

Who’s with me? Commit down below.

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