I Think You’re Faking It…

I Think You’re Faking It…

First published on the ABN Her Business Blog

I’m really going to get on my soapbox, but you have to hear this. I see far too many people who have lost faith in themselves. They’ve been beaten down by disappointments, failure to reach goals and getting caught up in the drudgery their business has become.

GET OVER IT! Yes we have disappointments – I had one this month – but apart from being snarky for a few days, I’m over it and have moved on. I’m back in action mode.

Here’s the thing, you MUST be in action all of the time.

I don’t mean busy – anyone can do that. You have to be taking action towards your goals; REAL action, not just half-hearted attempts at making something work. REAL ACTION. Can you honestly say to yourself that you have taken REAL ACTION? Really? I think you’re faking it. Yes, I’m calling you out. I am tired of people giving up, saying something doesn’t work, when they really haven’t given it their all.

Be in action, real action. The type of action that makes you want to throw up, it’s so scary. Put yourself out there to potentially get trodden on. Take the chance; a REAL chance. Give it absolutely everything. And stop fooling yourself that the stuff you’re doing at your desk everyday that makes you “busy” is REAL action. Yes we have to service clients and customers, but you know what I’m talking about. That fuel left in the tank that could be used to step you up, but instead you’re keeping it for a rainy day. What’s that about? That rainy day is not coming; it’s here. Do it now. Stand on the edge of that cliff and jump – you have to take action then, it’s life or death.

If you honestly think you’re not faking it, that’s okay.

Go back into your comfort zone and keep plodding along. I’ll see you in the same spot next year, but if any of this made you stop and think at all, then step it up; be courageous, take massive action with great intensity. Make and commit to those bold, audacious goals for 2012 that leave you standing on the edge begging for something to calm your nerves. Have a drink and get back out there.

And no, taking REAL action doesn’t mean you’ll get it right all the time. In fact, your disappointments will probably hit you harder. YOU will survive. But when you do get it right, it was YOU; all you. How sweet is that?

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